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School Vision

Guffey is a place of learning and service that nurtures the light of the individual spirit by treasuring our countryside, the classroom, and the community, both local and global, in an atmosphere of safety, kindness, and joy.

Guffey School

Guffey School students and staff, 2016/2017

2015/2016 Year in Review

Congratulations to Lulu Foulk and Lilu Robinson, our graduating class of 2016, and to all our advancing students. View our graduation media presentation celebrating the past school year.

Messages from the Administrator

Our last day of school and all-school graduation is Thursday, June 1st at 11AM. School – Community Potluck to follow. Call the school if you have any questions.


Guffey School Choir Presents A Tribute to Disney II Guffey Community Charter School invites you to join us for our final concert of the year on Thursday, May 25 at 2:00 pm. Because of the amazing music catalog of the Walt Disney Company, we will be presenting a second year of songs and choreography, this time focusing of the music of Howard Ashman and Alan Mencken. We are featuring songs from Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, as well as the most celebrated of the animation and (now) live action classic, Beauty and the Beast. Songs from Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story, and The Lion King will also be included.

Choir director and middle school teacher, Hillevi Peterson-Hirsch, has been using this as an opportunity to teach about the process of making a song tell a story. “The musicals of Ashman and Mencken were far more than dialogue and the ‘it’s time to insert a song here’ formula of traditional musicals. Each of their Academy, Tony, and Grammy award winning songs told stories. As we perform, we are not just singing a song where pitch and rhythm are expected; we are working on connecting with our audience through vocal dynamics and body language. To me this is the heart of a performer.”

The Colorado Academic Arts Standards ask students to present dance that demonstrates “creative self-expression through the medium of human movement” as well as “performing, creating and responding to music… to express the otherwise inexpressible the arts”. Guffey Community Charter School students shine in their ability to meet and exceed the our state standards in all aspects of music, theater, dance and the visual arts.

We invite you to come and enjoy this delightful performance that is certain to bring about great memories of outstanding music from stage and film.

Guffey School’s 2017 Pie Palooza a huge success!

Thank you so much for helping to make Guffey School’s 2017 Pie Palooza a huge success!

Total amount raised, to date is $7565 and 56 pies were auctioned. Proceeds from this event will support the purchase of classroom desks and chairs.

2017 Pie Palooza Results:

Best in Show, Pat Lamb's, Frangelico Chocolate Mousse. A crust of ground walnuts, pecans, chocolate graham cracker, and Fragelico Liqueur filled with pure cream and dark chocolate.

Category Placement is as follows:

Fruit: First place, Steve Guiliani's Apple Almond Pie Second Place, Marlene Clayton's Tuti-Fruite Crumb Pie Third place, Guffey School's K-2 Class's Blueberry Lava Pie

Cream: First place, Pat Lamb, Frangelico Chocolate Moose Second place, Derry Hirsch's Guinness Chocolate Shamrock Pie Third place, Dawn Scheffel's Coconut Cream Pie

Other: First place, Dana Peter's Over the Moon Pie. Second place, Dawn Carrica's Avril's Happy Happy Always. Third place, Michelle Knoerzer, Bacon – Maple Walnut Pie

Savory: First place, Sadie Maybach's Mater Pie Second place, Jake Van Egmond and family's Elk Shepherd Pie Third place, Ann Erickson's Biscuits & Garvey Pie

Again, Thank you for your support!

If you’d like to donate supplies for the school, here is a list of things that are needed throughout the school year.

Healthy snacks to share like crackers, granola bars, cheese sticks, microwave popcorn, and bars are needed now and throughout the year. (Gluten free snacks are always appreciated)

#2 Pencils, Glue sticks, Kleenex, Dry-expo markers for white boards

Another way to help your school. City Market Community Rewards returns money to the school every time you swipe your Value Card. Please see all the ways you can help raise funds.

Posted: May 24, 2017 3:38 pm

FlagAdministrator Pam Moore has announced her retirement at the end of the 2016/2017 school year. The Board formed an Administrator search committee in March, 2016 and has been receiving applications and interviewing candidates over the past months. We are pleased to announce that Martine Walker has accepted our offer and will become the new Administrator on July 1, 2017. Many of you may have met her at the recent Spaghetti Dinner, and she will be spending some time at the school over the next months working with Pam to bring herself up to speed. Please join the Board and the school staff in welcoming Martine to the Guffey School community! (The official announcement letter from the Board to the community is available here and the official press release is here).

FlagOur little school depends very much on the generosity of our community. There are many ways you can help out, from buying cool things, giving some time, or just keeping your propane receipts and box tops. Get the full scoop.

FlagMrs. P-H's middle school classroom now has its own website! Everyone is welcome to visit and see what her kids are up to, and you students can submit your homework and other projects from home.

FlagThe Administrator's 2015/2016 Annual Report to the District and the Guffey community is now available.

FlagWe've added lots of new material on our Administration pages, including our governance policies, board meeting documents, and financial information.

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