Board Meetings

Board meetings are normally held on the second Wednesday of each month, with no meeting in July. In addition, there is a special meeting held February or March, called the Board Retreat, which provides an opportunity for the Board to discuss Policy Governance theory, discuss self monitoring issues, modify its calendar, and generally get things together for another year. Each meeting is governed by an agenda, prepared several days in advance. At all but the August meeting and the Retreat, the Board monitors the performance of the Administrator through her prepared reports. Minutes are kept, but not publicly available until they are approved at the subsequent meeting. Any minutes taken in executive session are maintained by the Board for 90 days, but are not made public.

The following links will open PDF versions of the agenda, monitoring reports, and minutes for every meeting over the past year. If you wish to review this material for earlier meetings, it is publicly available at the school's main office, and can be examined there whenever the school is open.