School Staff

We have exceptional teachers and a fine support staff. All of our staff are residents of Guffey or nearby small towns and are thoroughly dedicated to the children and the school. Our classroom teachers are all Colorado Certified Teachers with extensive classroom experience and a love of children that is boundless! The strength of each individual teacher is multiplied by the fact that the whole staff works in harmony to meet the educational needs of students.

Martine Walker, School Administrator/Principal

Martine Walker

Martine brings a wealth of managerial and business expertise to our school with over 15 years of business management experience, having run her own business for many years as well as running the businesses of others. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs with a B.A. in Psychology. As a lifelong learner, Martine holds certification in teaching English as a second language, as well as being a Certified Nurse Assistant. Other areas of academic interest include education, fine arts and biology.

Martine is very excited to be moving to Guffey with her family. She has longed to live in this community for some time, having visited often when her parents owned a home in the area. Martine spent her childhood living in a small rural community in western Virginia along the Shenandoah River. This is where she developed her lifelong love and curiosity of nature and embraced the tangible benefits of living in a small rural community.


Pam Moore, School Administrator/Principal (retired, but serving a transitional role)

Pam Moore

Pam Moore moved to the mountains of Colorado fifteen years ago after spending all of her life in Michigan. She discovered the town of Guffey through a college friend, who knew that Pam enjoyed outdoor activities and nature. After her first visit, she fell in love with the area, purchased property, and built a house. In 2000, Pam started working as the school's Administrator, as a quarter time employee. Today, as a full time Administrator/Principal she especially enjoys working with young people and creating opportunities for school-community relationships.

Pam earned a Bachelor of Science from Ferris State University in Television Production and a Master of Arts from Michigan State University in Instructional Design.

In her spare time she enjoys hiking, cooking, reading, working with her goats and llamas, and training her Australian Shepherd dogs. Pam also enjoys sharing her dog training knowledge with children.


Lynda MacDonald, 3-5 Grade Classroom

Lynda MacDonald

Lynda MacDonald received her Bachelor's degree in education from Bemidji State University in Minnesota with concentrations in math, science and environmental education. She later earned her Master's degree in education from the University of Phoenix in Colorado Springs. Lynda taught one year in Minnesota and over 20 years in Guffey. When she was not teaching, Lynda spent her time traveling extensively throughout the United States and around the world. She now enjoys hiking, biking and skiing with her family. Lynda likes teaching in Guffey because the small class sizes allow for the flexibility to individualize education for each student as needed.


Hillevi Peterson-Hirsch, 6-8 Grade Classroom

Hillevi Peterson-Hirsch

Hillevi Peterson-Hirsch and her family landed in Colorado as soon as they could escape the frozen tundra and summer mosquito madness of St, Paul, MN - in 2008. Hillevi holds a Masters degree in Teaching: 5 - 12 Literature and Communications, from Bethel University in St. Paul, a Bachelors degree in Communications: Media Studies, and additional degrees in Multimedia and Music Industry Technology. She is the mother of five adult children; Rie, a twice Emmy-nominated songwriter/musician/producer music for film and television in L.A., David, a newly minted Neurologist in Biloxi, Mississippi, Zachary, a Purple heart recipient who served in the Army with the 101st Airborne, Sara and Jackson, both still in college. A lifelong learner who teaches because everything is interesting to her, Hillevi especially enjoys theater, history, hiking, camping, travel, graphic design, working/playing at Renaissance faires, gardening, skiing, and photography.


Jennifer Hartman, K-2 Grade Classroom

Jennifer Hartman

Jenny grew up in Littleton, Colorado. She started her college career at Hastings College in Nebraska where she majored in Elementary and Special Education. After realizing that she couldn't stay away from Colorado any longer, she transferred to Colorado State University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies. Jenny first moved to the mountains in 2008 were she found her true passion for nature and teaching outdoor education at Sanborn Western Camps/High Trails Outdoor Education Center. When Jenny is not teaching, she enjoys horseback riding, hiking, and spending time with her family and friends.