Guffey School Top Ten Lists

Why Bongo is the Luckiest Dog in Guffey

By Kara Abastta

  • 10) He has his own School locker with treats and pictures of him.
  • 9) He has 66 hands to pet him in the school while walking and wagging his tail at the same time.
  • 8) He gets to go outside and meet the ladies after doing his duty.
  • 7) He's the school's mascot that every one loves.
  • 6) He lays on the couch while doing nothing and watching the kids doing everything.
  • 5) He goes to school at 8:00 in the morning and goes up in Multipurpose room and does the pledge.
  • 4) He gets treats by tiny little children.
  • 3) He gets leftover food from the cafeteria while kids are eating.
  • 2) He gets scratched, hugged, and rubbed on the belly.
  • 1) He has the greatest owner and goes everywhere with her.

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