Student Handbook - Discipline Policy

Guffey Community Charter School students are expected to assume responsibility for their own behavior. This policy is in effect at school, during all school sponsored activities both on- and off-campus, and whenever a school staff member is present. Students who show problem behavior will be subject to disciplinary action. Examples of behavior that will not be tolerated include:

1st Level

  • Disrespect
  • Unsafe Behavior
  • Rudeness
  • Offensive Behavior

2nd Level

  • Physical Aggression
  • Vandalism
  • Dishonesty

3rd Level

  • Theft
  • Smoking

4th Level

  • Drug Possession
  • Weapon Possession

5th Level

  • Habitual disruptive behavior

Depending on the behavior, severity, or if the behavior is repeated, one or more of the following actions may be taken:

  • First Level: Pink slip and warning sent home.
  • Second Level: Previous, written apology from student, community service, and Behavior Contract.
  • Third Level: Previous, 1-5 day suspension, exclusion from some activities, modified Behavior Contract or Remedial Discipline Plan.
  • Fourth Level: Previous, 5-10 day suspension, law enforcement notified.
  • Fifth Level: Immediate expulsion.

A Behavior Contract is written by the student and is mutually agreed upon by the student, classroom teacher, parent, and principal. It will indicate the consequence for the behavior, which may include any of the following: the loss of recess, details of their community service/work detail, lunchroom detention, and/or restitution for damages. Also, it will include the lessons learned by the student and how they will modify their behavior in the future to prevent further problems.

A Remedial Discipline Plan is intended to be pro-active, and is to be designed to guide and correct behavior before the student is labeled a "Habitually Disruptive Student." The parent and/or guardian, school staff, and the schools professional guidance staff will be a part of the development and implementation. Referral to legal authorities may be a part of this plan. Students who violate their individual remedial discipline plan shall be declared habitually disruptive students.

The complete Discipline Policy can be viewed or downloaded here.